Ruby On Rails Blog Project Live Demo

A while ago I decided to get my feet wet with the awesome Ruby On Rails MVC framework for developing dynamic databased backed web applications. In this article you can see a short project I developed that highlights a typical blog you can create using the Ruby On Rails framework.

Last winter I began playing around with the Ruby programming language and seeing whether or not I would like to begin building software in it as opposed to Python or PHP. Well after going through various online tutorials and a spending about 2 months(while I was still in college) reading through a well rounded intro book on the Ruby language I decided that it would be best to start learning about the Rails web development framework. So I headed over to the Rails homepage and began going through some more tutorials and finally decided to try out a demo project just to get a more well rounded feeling of the framework that goes beyond simple Rails scaffolds and or 30 minute View-Controller applications that don’t require databases. So without boring you to death the link below is the demo application I built using the Ruby on Rails framework over the course of about eight weeks or so(during my senior year of college and mostly on weekends) at the link below.

Click here to see my Rails demo. No longer available

The Ruby On Rails Blog is hosted on a server running Apache; so how the heck did I embed a Rails application on an Apache server?

The answer to this question is a well known Ruby gem called passenger a.k.a mod_rails developed by Phusion. In short it allows you to deploy a Rails application onto an Apache server with very little additional configuration(only a single file needs to be added along with a symbolic link to the rails/public directory).

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